What difference is 40 years?

“Gray hair is a crown of glory;” Proverbs 16:31a (NLT)

In the spring of 1982, Dale took our oldest daughter fishing for the first time. We were all pretty excited about this trip. We woke up early, I got food together for them and off they went on their adventure.

Since I knew I had at least two hours to myself, I put on my ragged bell bottoms I wore for cleaning. I cleaned what needed to be done, and sat down at the kitchen table. Looking outside I remembered our neighbor (now our youngest daughter’s in-laws) were having a yard sale. I decided to visit with them and see how they were doing.

Leaving the house with my ragged jeans and bare feet, I started across the road. As I got to the edge of my yard, my big toe caught on a hole in the hem of my jeans and down I went, arms extended. I quickly looked around, hoping no on saw me. The neighbor’s son (now my son-in-law) came racing up the street on his purple bike with the banana seat and raised handlebars. He squealed to a stop beside me, “Geez, Cath, that looked like it hurt, are you okay?” So much for no one noticing.

The end result was my left elbow was broken. The eventual running commentary was that I could not walk and chew gum at the same time.

This event came up recently when I was bemoaning my current state. Forty years can erase a lot. I couldn’t remember the pain or discomfort, I only remembered healing quickly.

As I have mentioned before, Dale has reminded me of my age lately. I still feel like I am only in my early thirties. But, when he made me aware of forty years passing, the truth hit home. Bodies heal quicker at age 27 than they do at 67.

Age has always just been a number for me. I expect an occasional sore muscle or stiff finger. This, however, has been an outright smack to my senses. Since February of this year I have mentioned to several people that I am on the downhill side to 70, just thinking of numbers. In reality, my body with most of the original parts, is almost 70.

I do not feel old which is a good thing, I think. I wake each morning excited for a new day. I know the bulk of my life is behind me and honestly, I look forward to eternity with our Lord. What could be better?

Grey hair, which I have plenty of, is a crown of glory. Psalm 147:3 says, “He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.” (NLT)

This time is proving to be a time of many reminders and lessons to me. Each and every time I have been injured, ill or depressed, my God had been and continues to be beside me. He is my healer, my encourager, the lifter of my head(and sometimes my body), He is right there, always ministering. I give Him the praise and glory due Him.

The difference in 40 years? Besides the aging bit, in the past forty years I have seen my family grow. I have seen my daughters become wives and mothers. I have had the blessing of having sons added to our lives. God has taught me, led me and given me the greatest blessings.

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