Time to Practice What I Preach

I heard this phrase while I was walking this morning. I grunted. I knew the Lord was tag-teaming with Dale on this phrase. Let me explain.

In many conversations with women over the years I have repeated myself often. What have I said? Here is a sampling of what I have said: Get some rest. Allow yourself time to heal, you have been through a lot (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually). Your body is telling you to take time off, rest. Allow the Lord to renew you, comfort you, bring restoration. You get the idea. I only say things like this when I see a need. Women too often, push themselves to the point of total exhaustion and break down.

Dale and I have talked about rest a lot this past week. Like several times a day. According to Mirriam-Webster the definition of rest is: to cease from action or motion : refrain from labor or exertion; to be free from anxiety or disturbance. Cathi’s definition of rest (for herself) is, sit down, catch your breath for five minutes, six if you absolutely have to.

I like to be up and active. Since the doctor told me that only one bone was broken and I could move my right hand I have taken that as license to go back to normal. Thus, the many conversations about rest.

Rest is something that I know I need to have. Not just sleep, but restful times, still and relaxing. In July of 2015, I felt the need to do a study on rest for myself. I went to the Bible and started to look up each scripture on rest. I did this specifically to learn how to rest physically, emotionally and in the Lord. This detailed study of mine lasted until August of 2015 when I got busy and decided rest could wait.

So, here we are in June of 2022. I can’t do much and that four lettered word is haunting me. Rest. I know it’s important. Physical rest is vital for renewal and restoration of our bodies. Emotional rest is critical to be centered and calm. Spiritual rest allows us to draw closer to God, climbing up in His lap, hearing His heart beat and listening to His voice. I understand all of these types of rest. Physical rest is the one I avoid. It is hard for me to rest.

Because of this, when I am given an inch in recovery, I take that giant step. Today as I was arguing with the Lord it was like that childhood game. I tend to take the giant steps and not ask, ‘Mother may I?’

So, here is my confession to you all, written out in black and white. I am learning to rest, according to the Mirriam-Webster definition. Pray for Dale, as he is about to cover me in velcro and attach me to the couch so I will learn to stay put.

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 (NKJV)

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