In 2012 I started blogging under the name of Dearanonymousfriend. I was hesitant to reveal much about myself and although this was fun for a while, I felt restricted in what I could write. I realized that I was limiting myself while trying to keep to the anonymous feel.

January of 2022 found me at a writer’s retreat where I left refreshed and once more excited about writing. After this retreat and with much prayer this blog was born.

The Refreshing of a Wild Rose is about my (mis)adventures with our Lord. I have often stumbled and been picked up. Along the way I have learned many lessons. My personal belief is there are lessons to be learned each day. The mundane things I do around the house teach me, as well as any adventures I may have.

I hope you will enjoy this blog. It is part devotional and part autobiographical. M.Catherine

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I am very proud of you my Dear Friend, Congratulations! Looking forward to reading more.:) I am going to use the scripture you shared, Psalm 118:13 as my weekly verse to share with the ladies of my small group. Thank You! Dawn .


  2. I absolutely love your blog and how encouraging it is. Truly an inspiration! I wish I had your courage and confidence.


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