If Only My Legs would Move

I love music. I love dancing, but, my feet do not move and so I stand stationary with a slight sway and sporadic hip movements. I have always longed to dance freely and I think, as a child, I did.

Somewhere a switch turned off and since then, I sway.

Each St. Patrick’s day there is a yearning deep within me to do a jig. I can feel it rising up and yet, nothing. I sway, longing to move and dreaming of someday being in Ireland. I have thought if I could get to Ireland and get in touch with my heritage, I could jig.

There was a year in our family where we celebrated many weddings. My sisters danced and had a wonderful time. I watched, aching to join in. But, my legs would not move.

In worship, I see people moving, dancing before our Lord. Again, I sway. I have actually prayed that the Lord would loosen my feet, loosen my legs and let the joy I have deep inside overflow into dance. It must be one of those prayers whose answer is Wait.

So, wait I do. I imagine when I get to heaven I will hit the gates dancing. I will be filled with such joy that I will not stop dancing. I will do a jig with my parents, I will do a dance with my child who is there, I will joyfully bounce with David, and do jazz hands with the apostles. With Jesus, I will do a waltz, allowing Him to lead me sweep across heaven, swirling and twirling. I wonder if Joshua would do a tango?

We took a dance course. It was fun, but like higher math, it did not sink into me. So, I remain a swayer yearning to explode joyfully before the Lord. Until then, I will wait and ponder on this scripture.

“Praise his name with dancing, accompanied by tambourine and harp. For the Lord delights in his people;  he crowns the humble with victory.” Psalm 149:3-4 (NLT)

A Little Nighttime Dance

“They let their children frisk about like lambs. Their little ones skip and dance.  They sing with tambourine and harp. They celebrate to the sound of the flute.” Job 21:11-12 (NLT)

Dale and I drove to spend some time with our oldest and her family. They recently bought a vacation rental and are doing some work on it. We are attempting to help and not hinder the progress.

We drove to their home, an hour and half from the lake house. The first night we were together I was coming out of a room upstairs and our granddaughter was finishing getting into her pajamas. I hear, “Grammy, come in here please.” Of course I did. As I entered the room, she started playing an electronic type of renaissance music from her iPad. She wanted me to dance with her.

Now, I am not a dancer. The best I did was the bump in the mid 70’s. But, even that could become dangerous for Dale.. Anyhow, I started to dance with my granddaughter. She was doing some ballet/modern/interpretive/hip-hop dance. I just tried to keep up.

It was only a few minutes, but it was the loveliest evening I have had in a long time. Her expression of pure joy and happiness was one I will never forget. Her youthful delight in creating a moment was not lost on this grandmother. Too often I neglect to take the time to do a little dance just because.

What a delightful way to start a week together.