“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.” Philippians 1:3 (NLT)

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a lovely day with Dale. I talked with my daughters via text and phone. I felt an overflowing love from family and friends.

I was overwhelmed, actually.

Today the celebration continued with a dinner with friends. More gifts were given and one of my favorite cakes was there from a bakery that I love. It was a beautiful day.

I was overwhelmed, actually.

I love to celebrate and acknowledge birthdays. I get excited when it is someone’s birthday, it is a chance to show appreciation and love. Except when it’s mine.I like to just sneak by my birthday. I do not like a fuss made over me. I’m just me.

My birthday overwhelms me, actually.

Throughout the year we go about our lives. We see friends and family, we hug, we laugh, we confide and cry, we make memories together. It’s life.

At times through the year I feel lonely, or unseen. I think we all get to those points. After each of my friends has a birthday, there is usually a post on facebook that thanks people for the expressions of love. Gratitude exudes from those posts and they truly are heartfelt. When I read them from friends, I think, “well of course people love you, you are you.”

Each year I am surprised at the love I receive on my birthday. Gratitude is what I am feeling today. Thankfulness for the people who have expressed loving wishes for me. I am overwhelmed.

God has given me the gift of a longer life. He has gifted me with my husband and family, He has blessed me with my sisters. He has placed me in a loving church family. He has gifted me. Today I am spoiled.

I am overwhelmed, actually.

Thank you for loving me and blessing me.