It’s Going to Catch up With Me

As I sit here at one in the afternoon, I am enjoying my third cup of coffee. To many, that is a normal day. For me, that is disaster waiting to happen. I love coffee, caffeinated coffee. (well any, real or decaf) I usually restrict myself to one cup and a possible swallow in another cup. I have done this for years.

Occasionally though, I slip into a bad habit. I think to myself, I can have at least one more. It’s because I am spoiling myself with a cookie or a piece of cake or pie. They go together so well.

Christmas Eve I had two morning cups and a cup mid afternoon. You know, it was Christmas Eve.

Yesterday, Christmas I did the same. I didn’t have any bad reactions the day before, so, why not?

As I finish this cup, I get a gentle nudge. Memories of restless nights and shaky hands come to mind. I understand. I cannot do three cups in one day, unless it is early and decaf.

So, although the smell of the freshly brewed coffee is luring me into the kitchen, I will grab my glass of water and be thankful for that.

I am learning how to say no to things that I enjoy. So far (besides the coffee) I have had a successful holiday season. I have limited my intake of chocolates, fudge, cookies and all the other baked goods. I have been proud of my success in this. I have not missed any of it.

Now I will carry my empty cup, pass the coffee maker, and put the cup in the dishwasher. Sometimes walking past the coffee maker is a hard thing to do.

3 thoughts on “It’s Going to Catch up With Me

  1. Got caught reading this while drinking my second cup of coffee and eating a little Debbie πŸ˜„ Like you say, they go so well together 😏

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