Slipping Through My Fingers

I don’t have a specific scripture for today’s post, although I know without my Bible and reading it daily, I would not have made it this far.

This week my mind has been crowded with images of my daughters. It’s a pleasant crowding. It is bittersweet though.

I don’t know if it is the approaching holidays or just thoughts of them, but each day brings more memories that were made so long ago. Being on my own so many times during the days when our girls were young, I always was afraid I wasn’t doing enough for them. I now realize that those thoughts are with each and every young mother. We spend months carrying them within us, we wonder what they will look like, and in my day, wondering if they were a boy or a girl. We imagined their first steps and their first words. While pregnant, those thoughts are usually imagined in a perfect fairy tale world.

When they are born, the time is anything but fairy tale-esque. It is a harsh reality of spit up, dirty diapers, mid night tears (usually from Mom) and all the other glorious things babies bring us.

I have thought of the above, but my thoughts this week were dotted with adventures we had taken, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, a spring break trip to San Francisco, family vacations, and after school venting sessions. These were what made up our lives.

My heart misses daily events like this. But, we did successfully raise them to the point where they are capable adults, with families of their own.

I thank my God for my daughters. They are truly my gifts. They bless me and encourage me. They also fill my heart, and mind with precious memories.

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