Another Fall post

The Lord has a sense of humor. I have always thought that, after all, He created me. That aside, as I walked out to drive to Bible Study this morning I remembered something about this glorious season.

Our side porch was covered in leaves. Lots of them. It is then that I remembered another side of fall ~ leaves. I know I have waxed poetic about the beauty and the rustling and even about the dance of leaves. I believed everything I wrote also.

Today however, I remembered fall. I kicked away the leaves and left. As I drove up the driveway there was a little swirl of fallen leaves as I drove by. These are those brown lifeless leaves, the kind that need to be raked.

I came home and swept my front porch. That was just a couple of hours ago. Looking out, it needs swept again. I really haven’t bothered with my side porch yet. I know once I start I will be doing it several times a day. At least with snow, you can shovel it and it remains a path of sorts. Our leaves, they just pile up.

Soon our driveway (gravel) will disappear. You will turn into our driveway and won’t be able to tell what is yard and what is gravel unless you know where it is.

Yes, I am grousing a bit about this, but, it’s not that I am disliking or angry about it all. No, I still love fall. Truthfully, I won’t be sweeping often to keep the porches clear, but I will make certain they won’t be slippery to walk on.

Our first frost warning was issued for Wednesday night (well, early morning). It’s a great time of year. I love the crispness and the leaves and the light.

I just smiled today as I looked at the side porch covered up. I could almost hear our Lord chuckling to me as if to say, “So, you love this season? How about those leaves?” And as I go to sweep them and rake a bit, I will be thankful to be able to do so. Thankful for a God who gives us seasons and lessons to learn during them.

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