Hurricane Ian is approaching Florida. By time this is posted, it will have already hit and started it’s damage. Many are already interceding for the people of the state of Florida. Family, and friends who are there are checking in to make certain others know they are okay for now.

Ian is close to a Cat 5 hurricane. I used to look at the coverage on the television and think how bad it was. But, in watching the news I saw people. I didn’t know them, I didn’t think about what they were going through. I did pray, but I confess it was not earnestly.

A few years ago Hurricane Michael hit the panhandle of Florida. It was a Cat 5 hurricane. Our oldest and her family evacuated and went west. They ended up finding an rental in Louisiana, I believe. They did not come to our home because the storm was eventually making it’s way to our neck of the woods.

Their home and their properties survived, but all were damaged. They thought the house they were living in at the time escaped serious damage, but, after the first night home, our daughter woke up in her bed to see the light above her filled with water. For the next several weeks they slept in the guest room and our granddaughter slept in her toyroom, two rooms that were safe enough to sleep in.

Another few weeks later, Dale and I visited our Florida kids. We were shocked to see the damage that still was present. There were no highway signs. Something I never thought about. Homes were covered in tarps because of waiting for repairs and supplies to fix roofs. Trees were mowed down in swaths. My words fail to describe.

In the immediate aftermath our daughter talked about the stench that was present. With no power, food had spoiled. Being on the Gulf of Mexico, fish is a staple in homes. Imagine the smell of rotting fish in overflowing trash cans lining the streets. Trash pick up was impossible with the trees, vehicles and parts of houses in the streets.

I am saying this to give an idea of what people are facing right now. Florida is a place filled with senior citizens, and military families. Everyone is part of someone’s family. Everyone is important to someone.

Lord, You know exactly where and when this storm is going to hit. Go ahead of the storm and prepare the route. Be in the midst of the storm providing safety and peace to those who are riding it out and in their homes and evacuation centers. Be present after the storm moves on to be the provision for people, for states, for cities. Provide what needs to be done. Amen

“The Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust in him.” Nahum 1:7 (NLT)

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