Day is Done

It is Friday evening as I sit writing. I’ve had a busy afternoon and as I sat down to write the words ‘day is done’ came to me. And, I confess, I am glad this day is done as I am tired.

Day is done is also a phrase from a lullaby sung by the artist Honeytree. She came out of the Jesus movement and I heard her lullaby while I was pregnant with our oldest daughter. After her birth we sang a bit of the lullaby to her and then to her sister. We have also sung it to our grandchildren too. The title of the song is “Lullaby in Jesus’ Name” .

So, today is done. All of the thoughts, the problems, the activities are finished. Tomorrow will be fresh and new. Grace from our Lord will be new in the morning. Tomorrow will hold enough for us to deal with. Tomorrow Jesus will be there, just as He was today.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8 (NLT)

So often at the end of a day I think, it’s time for dessert, for pajamas and for television. It is a habit now. Years past when we had young children, my thought process was different. I wanted them to end their day peacefully, singing songs like the one above, listening to their prayers and praying for them. It was our ritual. It was our way of going to sleep. Our songs revolved around Jesus and His love for our children. We prayed that throughout the night our Lord would watch over our children. It gave the night a quiet ending.

Later, as we sing this song to our grandchildren, a knot will rise up in our throats as we sing, “In His name we say good-night, but never have to say good-bye.” But, we will have to say good-bye sometime, if only for a bit.

My day is done. I have done my chores. I have finished my appointments. Pajamas are calling me. I am going to relax. But, in the back of my mind I remember my friend who is sitting by the bedside of an ill sister, praying for her to rally and be restored. I think of another friend who is in the hospital on the other side of the country, wishing I could be with her. Still another friend who is dealing with a serious illness in her great grandchild. The list can go on. Friends who have lost children too soon, broken hearts that are searching to be healed.

Jesus is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. He knows of each situation and circumstance. He is there in the hospital rooms, He is there in the quietness of broken hearts, He is there.

So, as I climb into my pajamas, my heart is with those in need and I pray that their day may be done so that they can rest.

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