Clear the View

Last week Dale and our son-in-law cleared 150 feet into the woods surrounding our home. They cut down several dead trees, branches that were hanging down, shrubs that were growing and had no where to go. Our home is surrounded on three sides by trees and brush, so with our acreage we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

As they finished this process last week you could see the difference immediately. Our views into the woods was remarkable.

When you go through your daily life little things escape your attention. It is like seeing a child after a long time. You comment on their growth, and the parent sometimes replies, “have they really grown?” To the parent the difference is unnoticeable unless it is a major growth spurt.

In our case, we saw branches hanging down and saw the shrubs appearing in the woods. It became our view and we enjoyed it. As we began the process of clearing in June we became aware that we hadn’t truly seen into the woods the past couple of years. It was unhealthy for our woods. The brush and shrubs could not flourish, and the trees were vying for the sunlight and nourishment from the ground.

Of course, as I always do, I saw the relation of the woods to my spiritual walk. I can profess my Christianity, pray, read my Bible, and do all the “things” I am supposed to do. I can do this forever.

The question remains though, how many dead limbs am I carrying around? How many ‘shrubs’ are sprouting out of me that are not being nourished? What do I need to do to clear the view and truly see the Lord in my life?

Isaiah 55:6 says, “Seek the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.” (NKJV) How can I seek my Lord when I have dead limbs hindering my view?

Lord, today, let me clear my view to You. Remove the stubble and weeds in my life. I ask for clarity of thought, mind and purpose. Let me search for You and find You. Amen.

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