Clutter. We all have it. Our houses show that someone is truly living there when there is clutter. Mail on the table, receipts on a counter, throw blanket askew. It is our life and sometimes the bane of our existence.

Many times we don’t see clutter. It’s always been there and so it’s normal. I can vary, at times clutter is part of my life and other times I want it completely gone.

After going for my check up yesterday, the doctor said that I can go without my sling while I am at home. When I go out, it has to be on. I asked what I could do, as I do need boundaries. I am allowed to begin to function as normal, do not over do and watch the amount of weight I lift. I really like this doctor because when I asked about vacuuming, he said it would be at least two years. Yes, he was kidding.

This morning, I awoke and was excited to begin getting back to normal. I gave my day to the Lord and asked what I should do, where should I begin. The answer was clutter.

Although Dale has taken wonderful care of me and the house, we did have a small pile of mail on the table. Knowing this, I thought to myself, well, that’s just a small start.

As I sorted through the mail, I understood that clearing clutter does not only mean the physical stuff we have laying around in piles. Clutter can be anything we let pile up around us. Attitudes, moods, thoughts, frustrations we don’t let go of, all of this can be clutter too.

So, as I began to clear the physical clutter, I asked the Lord to help me clear my personal clutter.

Psalm 51:7, “Purify me from my sins,and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.” (NLT)

Cleanse me, oh Lord, from the clutter that I pick up and for that which attaches itself to me when I am careless. Let me not become accustomed to the piles of little things that draw me away from You. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Clutter

  1. Oh, what a wonderful, insightful blog! I am one who hates household clutter and find that it constantly needs attention. That was an amazing analogy to our internal clutter! I need to pray that prayer every day.

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