Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,  in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” I Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NKJV)

This morning as I walked and prayed I recognized that I had nothing standing out in my mind of what to write today. This is usually the time where I plan my day, plan my week of writing and get some exercise.

I love my walking time. Since I really had nothing in my thoughts, I enjoyed the walk. Since being in a sling, I have become cautious of my steps, watching the driveway for any dips or stones that may make me slide. I am even more cognizant of what I am doing.

The breeze in the trees picked up and the temperature dropped just a bit. It was refreshing. The sky was trying to make up it’s mind if it wanted to sunny or cloudy, the sun shining brightly and then disappearing behind clouds. It was a perfect day for a walk.

Sometimes, in the midst of schedules and planning, we are redirected. This was me today. Instead of planning words and phrases, I was filled with a peace and thankfulness.

This verse describes my day. I was rejoicing in the little things around me. The breeze, the trees, the sky. Far too often I do not stop and think of these things, let alone rejoice in them. Far too often I do not have the attitude of rejoicing.

I do try to pray without ceasing. It is a daily conversation with our Lord, but I find also that, although I am talking non-stop, I do not always wait to listen to what He has to say. A one sided conversation is not a conversation. Conversations involve two people.

I try to be thankful, but, that too is difficult to do each and every day.

The feeling I have had today is one of thankfulness. The little things have caught my eye today and have filled my heart with peace. It’s been a quiet and cloudy day today, but I have felt the presence of God surrounding me.

I struggled how to convey this day in words. Sometimes words are inadequate. If I could try to explain today, it was like a day in comfy pajamas, wrapped in a soft quilt and leaning on someone you love. Today I have been wrapped in the Lord and listening to His heart beat knowing all is well with me.

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