Prayer for My Country

“God-devotion makes a country strong; God-avoidance leaves people weak.” Proverbs 14:34 (MSG)

Dear Father, You led people here to establish a country for themselves. It has been a country that has given a safe haven for many. People see in the foundations of my country a place to worship freely without fear or fear of harm. People see this place as a place of opportunity, to pursue their God-given rights.

Father, lead this country back to You. May we drop to our knees and beg forgiveness of what we have allowed our homes to become. Forgive us for taking for granted what You alone have provided here. Turn us back, and lead us.

As we approach our Independence Day celebrations, let us remember what this country was founded and built on. Let us recall how many put their lives on the line to provide us with safety and security and freedom.

Let us truly be free in You, let us turn to You and You alone. Restore this country and restore this people. Amen

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