Be Still

Be still, and know that I am God! Psalm 46:10a (NLT)

I love our property. Each morning I awake, open the curtains and look into our front yard. There, I am greeted with what the day is like. I smile and thank the Lord for where we are. The day may be overcast, sunny, rainy or snowing, each day, to me, is beautiful

As I started my walk today the wind was rustling the leaves in the woods. I could hear the birds singing and the crows cawing. Gravel on the driveway crunched under my feet. My senses were overwhelmed by the beauty of the day and the scent of the honeysuckle winding it’s way through our border trees.

The sun dappled through the leaves in the trees.

Leaving it’s light on the ground below my feet. The wind gently whispered through the woods surrounding our neighborhood. Places in the sun were warm and the shade lowered the temperature pleasantly.

I looked around my surroundings.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I was home for my morning walk. I missed these daily jaunts. This is my time of quiet. This is the time I speak to Father God.

Today, my mind quieted. I thought of writing. I asked to hear the voice of my Lord. He had joined me in my reverie. I quietly heard “Be still.” I reminded Him of who He was talking to. I reminded Him that it’s difficult for me to be still. He reaffirmed His thought.

I walked some more. I continued to hear the crunch of the gravel, the wind in the trees, and the birds. Peace rushed through me. Be still.

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