The Zipper

I was going into the fifth grade in the fall. I remember sitting at the kitchen table talking with my Dad. Our conversation was about an upcoming trip to Conneaut Lake Park. It was the first time I remember going to a park. We talked about the Blue Streak, a wooden roller coaster, and I decided I was going to love that ride. I did.

I love going to amusement parks, the higher and the faster the ride, the better. However, I dated a young man who wasn’t as keen on fast rides at the time. We went on a date to the Rocky Grove Fireman’s Fair, held in a neighboring city. We walked around and rode some tame rides, holding hands and being young and in love. Then, I saw a ride, The Zipper and suggested riding it. My life could have turned out entirely different, had my husband said no. He didn’t and it was one of his first wild ride. He hated it! He still talks about his dislike of that wonderful ride. (I guess I could say that ride is symbolic of our relationship, fun, wild and unexpected)

I thought of that ride last night. I knew I would write about it. I asked the Lord how that would relate to Him and this blog. Of course, I heard how it relates.

Our lives and this world are like that amusement park ride. We are rotating in a pattern and individually we are contained in our lives. Our lives continue like the earth, rotating yearly. But, during that year, we are spun around. Sometimes we feel like we are falling forward and we brace ourselves for what we see may happen. Other times we are twisted backward where the world seems topsy-turvy and we have no idea how to brace ourselves. We feel out of control. Unable to focus clearly, being held at bay and not able to escape. We may scream, we may laugh, but we know, like being in that ride, that it’s not over until it’s done.

Standing in a line at an amusement park you look at the ride you are waiting for. I confess that there have been a few that I look and question my sanity. There are some rides I look knowing how much fun it is going to be. That is how I often look at this life the Lord has given me. I can panic, I can scream for things to be over, and I can look at situations knowing the joy that will come from it.

Our God never leaves us. Isaiah 46:4 promises, “I will be your God throughout your lifetime— until your hair is white with age.
I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you.” (NLT)

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